What's Next?

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December 2015
Design concepts due
January 2016
Technical analysis completed, including review of any permitting issues, operating cost review, construction concerns
January 2016
Selection Committee meeting (potential shortlist)
January – February 2016
Public information/outreach
February 2016
Public presentations by finalists (Coliseum)
February – March 2016
Public survey period (online)
March 2016
Survey outcome
March 2016
Selection and ranking by Selection Committee
May 2016
City Council approval of ranking by Selection Committee
May - July 2016
Contract Negotiations & Approval
July - August 2016
Present Contract to Council for Approval
August - October 2016
Concept Refinement
Winter 2015
Complete Schematic Design
November 2015
City Council approves Design Team rankings for Pier Approach
February 2016
Select Pier Operator
March 2016
Pier Approach Public Workshop
April 2016
Schematic design report presentation to City Council
Summer 2016
Pier - design development phase complete
Summer 2016
Pier Approach design concepts finalized and schematic design begins
Fall 2016
Pier –construction documents complete
Jan - March 2017

Pier Approach

  • Commence Design Development Phase
March/April 2017


  • Guaranteed Maximum Price Proposal No. 1 from Skanska
  • Obtain U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Permit for Pier
  • Complete 100% Construction Documents of non-marine work
April/May 2017

Pier Approach

  • Skanska to deliver Design Development phase estimate


  • City Council approval of GMP Amendment No. 1 (marine work)
June - August 2017

Pier Approach

  • Commence Construction Document Phase


  • GMP Proposal No. 2 (non-marine work) received from Skanska
  • City Council approval of GMP Amendment No. 2 (non-marine work)
Sept/Oct 2017

Pier Approach

  • Obtain final Permits for Pier Approach
  • GMP Proposal for complete Pier Approach received from Skanska


  • Commence construction on balance of Pier
Spring/Summer 2018
  • Final Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) approved
  • Commence construction on Pier Approach
  • Doc Fords lease approved
  • Pier public art selected
  • Lease with Duke Energy for solar canopy
  • Education Center lease approved
  • 2nd Restaurant at Pier Head announced
  • Design development for Doc Fords restaurant, Education Center, Kids Play area and shade structures
Winter 2018-19
  • Design and construction drawings for all restaurants and cafes
  • Design and construction drawings underway for Discovery Center, kid’s playground and shade structures
Spring 2019
  • Final designs complete and foundations begin for public art installations
  • Construction continues on the Pier Head Building, Discovery Center, Doc Fords and the Pavilion
  • Marketplace structure delivered and installed
  • Seawall repair and restoration continues
  • Exterior furniture contract approved
Summer 2019
  • Gateway construction begins
  • Construction continues on the Pier Head Building, Discovery Center, Doc Fords and the Pavilion
  • Market Stalls delivered and installed
  • Site preparation for Kids Play equipment
Winter 2019
  • Interior work on the Pier Head Building, Discovery Center, Doc Fords and the Pavilion
  • Installation of play equipment
  • Installation of boardwalk, lighting and landscaping in the Coastal Thicket
  • Completion of solar panel installation in Pelican parking lot
  • Public artwork arrives; foundation work completed for artwork
  • Installation of vendor stalls in Marketplace

Pier Head Construction Progresses

St. Pete Pier at Night

On April 16/17, a massive construction effort took place - the concrete pour for the 4th floor of the Pier Head building. It took 77 cement trucks, 80 workers and eight and a half hours to complete this task. The Pier Head building is taking shape along with other buildings within the Pier District.

Pier Update: December 2016

Pier Update: January 2016

About the Process

Shortly after his election, Mayor Kriseman brought together the various factions from the previous Pier process which resulted in the referendum to stop design on the proposed Lens design. This group of stakeholders worked with the mayor to develop this current process, which was announced on May 1, 2014 at a press conference on the waterfront.

The process, designed to be fair, comprehensive and transparent, began with a Working Group that included leaders from the neighborhoods, local businesses and previous stakeholders in earlier Pier discussions. The Pier Working Group’s goal was to engage and inform the public and provide opportunities for their input. The Working Group submitted a final report which delineated the functions that the new Pier should include.

Following the Working Group’s assessment, the Mayor appointed a six member Selection Committee, which directed the release of an RFP to design teams for a new Pier.

Twenty-nine design firms that responded to the city’s initial RFQ, has been narrowed to eight. Those eight firms will provide their concepts to the city on December 15th. Following a technical review and a public survey, the Selection Committee will then make their recommendation to the Mayor and City Council.