Posted: 5-7-2015


Meet The Pier Park

Council authorizes Mayor Kriseman to move forward with contract negotiations for The Pier Park.

Earlier today, St. Petersburg City Council approved The Pier Park design concept. The design concept and team that produced it were given the nod, authorizing Mayor Kriseman to begin contract negotiations with the design team of ASD/Rogers and Partners/KSLA.

Following contract negotiations, which are estimated to take from 45 to 60 days, the community will be engaged to learn more about the concept as the city moves forward on the final design, permitting and ultimately, construction.

Said Mayor Rick Kriseman: "Today, the Sunshine City took a huge leap forward in securing the future of the St. Petersburg Pier, and our treasured waterfront, for generations to come. The process we implemented more than a year ago continues to serve our city well. The citizens who participated in our public process over the last year, as well as Pier Working Group and Selection Committee Members, are to be commended for their service. Our waterfront park system is the crown jewel of the City of St. Petersburg. I thank the St. Petersburg City Council for sharing that vision and their leadership.”

Mike Connors, public works administrator for the city and chairman of the Selection Committee said, "I wish to thank our city council in their support of the selection committee recommendations. St. Petersburg is blessed with involved and passionate constituencies that challenge our government in making decisions considerate of the past and with vision toward our future. Today was a significant demonstration of leadership and progress.”

Posted: 4-23-2015


The Pier Park Concept

The Pier Selection Committee rankings for the new St. Petersburg Pier have been completed.

The Pier Selection Committee met on Thursday, April 23 for the purpose of ranking three pier design concepts. This ranking was based on several state mandated criteria, including: the design itself, public input, relevant experience, background and qualifications of the design teams and the technical review of the concepts.

After public comments were provided, the committee discussed the concepts, the input they had received, and deliberated on the ranking. The final ranking of the Design Concepts by the Selection Committee is as follows:

  1. The Pier Park by Rogers Partners Architects+Urban Designers, ASD, Ken Smith
  2. Destination St. Pete Pier by St. Pete Design Group
  3. ALMA by Alfonso Architects, inc.

Watch the 6pm Pier Final Selection Committee Meeting

City staff will now present these rankings to City Council for approval at a meeting in the near future.  If approved by Council, city staff will begin negotiations with the first-ranked design team.

Said Mayor Rick Kriseman: "We established a pier process that citizens on every side of this issue agreed would result in a fair and objective decision. I am proud that we have stayed true to that process and that it has been transparent and open to the public throughout. I thank the Selection Committee for their diligence and their hard work. This was not an easy job, but it was a necessary one. The iconic St. Petersburg Pier has often been the source of passionate debate in the Sunshine City, but it is also a source of great pride. I'm looking forward to the day we cut the ribbon on a new St. Petersburg Pier."

Mike Connors, public works administrator for the city and chairman of the Selection Committee said, "I appreciate the work of those on the Selection Committee as well as our city staff who have been dedicated to this process for years. The Selection Committee has chosen a preeminent architect with their associated team who will advance the detail of their iconic concept as we move closer to construction and the symbol of St. Petersburg's next chapter. With this selection we are taking a bold step towards our city's bright future."  

Posted: 4-23-2015

Design Team Responses to Committee Questions

Below are responses to questions The Pier Selection Committee posed to the three shortlisted design teams following the March 20th meeting:

Watch the 3pm Pier Final Selection Committee Meeting

Posted: 4-22-2015

New St. Petersburg Pier Final Selection Committee Meeting

The next Pier Selection Committee meeting will take place on Thursday, April 23rd at 3:00 pm. At this time, the committee will hear the three shortlisted design teams present answers to the committee's clarification questions and ask any follow-up questions. This meeting is open to the public. The committee will reconvene at 6:00 PM for the purpose of hearing public input, conducting their deliberations and ranking the shortlisted design teams. The meetings will be held in Council Chambers.

Please note the following general rules regarding public comments and presentations during public meetings:

Public comments: Limited to three minutes.

Handouts: Fifteen copies to be given to the City Clerk or Recording Secretary one (1) hour prior to the start of the meeting. These will be distributed to each Committee Member and City Administration.

Projected material: Copies of material to be displayed with the digital document camera located adjacent to the speaker’s podium must be submitted to the City Clerk or Recording Secretary one (1) hour prior to the start of the meeting.

Posted: 4-20-2015

Technical Criteria Used by Selection Committee

The chart to the right shows the various criteria that will be utilized by the Pier Selection Committee in making their final ranking of the design concepts.

Posted: 4-1-2015

Next Pier Selection Committee Meeting

The next Pier Selection Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 23 at 3 p.m. in Council Chamber, St. Petersburg City Hall, 175 Fifth St. N. The committee will listen to the three shortlisted design teams present answers to the committee's requests for clarification and ask any follow up questions. This meeting is open to the public for observance only. The committee will then re-convene at 6 p.m., also in Council Chamber, for the purpose of conducting their deliberations and ranking the shortlisted design teams. The public will be allowed to give their input at this time.

Posted: 4-1-2015

Letter from Mayor Rick Kriseman:
Respect Process of Ranking Pier Finalists

Last May, I stood at Spa Beach Park in St. Petersburg and outlined our process to build a new pier. I was joined by City Council members, community leaders, members of our citizen-led pier working group and numerous residents who were involved in the initial pier process.

The process they endorsed that day remains unchanged, and it has worked. It provided our working group with a clearer understanding of the public's desired programming at the pier, produced world-class designs from local, national and international firms, and engaged our citizens in unprecedented ways.

One of those ways was through a city-sponsored survey. While Florida law prohibits such a survey from being the sole determinant in selecting a design team, I felt strongly that our residents deserved a seat at the table and an opportunity to weigh in on such an important public project. Nearly 10,000 verified city residents over the age of 18 participated in the survey, and the majority of those residents selected the Destination St. Pete Pier as one of their top choices. The Pier Park was the public's second favorite design, followed by Blue Pier, Discover Bay Life, Alma, rePier and Prospect Pier.

Our selection committee, which consists of six St. Petersburg residents who are experts in the fields of architecture, economic development, engineering, construction, marine science and preservation, met March 20 to review more than 20 qualification-based factors, eliminate several design teams, and rank no fewer than three teams before sending those rankings to our City Council. While two of the public's top three preferences were also two of the selection committee's top preferences, the potential order of those remaining design teams is what sparked protest from several of the same individuals who signed off on this process. The committee stopped short of offering a final ranking and is now requesting additional information from each remaining design team.

This is the process working.

Going forward, I trust the committee will clearly communicate their reasoning behind their selection. The case for the top-ranked design team must be compelling, and I am confident it will be given the time and energy the selection committee has dedicated to this issue.

The pier has been a source of community pride and passionate debate for generations. That won't end when this process concludes or when the ribbon is cut. But my hope is that those so invested in the pier's future won't lose sight of our city's future; that they won't value winning more than moving this important project and our city forward.

I expect those who worked with us to craft this process and who stood with me when we announced it to remain true to their endorsement of it, regardless of the final ranking. I encourage our community to remain engaged with this issue and listen closely to the selection committee's counsel and reasoning behind its final rankings, understanding that their collective expertise and experience is impressive and politically objective.

This important service they render truly serves our city's long-term future in a way that should make us all proud. And, I am certain that any one of the final three design teams, all of whose concepts will be further refined if selected, will come to be regarded as a treasured landmark that helps define the many reasons the sun shines here.

Posted: 3-25-2015

Next Steps:

In a meeting on March 20th, seven Pier Design Concepts were discussed in detail by the Pier Selection Committee. The committee eliminated four designs, leaving three designs for consideration. Additional questions are now being presented to the design teams. Following the teams responses to these questions, the next public meeting of the Selection Committee will be scheduled.


The Pier Selection Committee is evaluating each design based on a set of programmatic recommendations developed by the Pier Working Group following extensive public input in May, 2014.

The city is adhering to a process established by Florida State Law. As part of that process, the mayor appointed a six-member Pier Selection Committee. The committee consists of a diverse, knowledgeable group of individuals, all St. Petersburg residents and that have a vested interest in having a successful outcome for the building of the new St. Pete Pier.

Moving forward, the process included a Request for Qualifications to Architectural and Engineering firms and a Technical Review of the submissions received. A non-binding Public Survey was conducted from February 23 to March 6 to provide an opportunity for the public to weigh in on their preferences.

With the goal of reaching a final recommendation of a design team to the Mayor and City Council, the Selection Committee is relying on criteria including qualifications of the design firms, the independent technical review of each concept, how well key elements/functions are addressed and public input.

What you can do:

  • Study the final three design concepts
  • Make your opinions known to your City Council Members
  • Continue to support the process established by Mayor Kriseman to select the best design for a new Pier to serve our community for decades to come.
  • Continue to visit this website for updated timeline and information.

Posted: 3-20-2015

Pier Selection Committee Meets

The Pier Selection Committee met on Friday, March 20 for the purpose of ranking a minimum of three pier design concepts.

After the committee discussed the merits of the concepts, considered public comment, and deliberated carefully on each ranking, the committee eliminated four of the seven teams.

The three currently unranked design concepts under consideration are:

  • Alma
  • Destination St. Pete Pier
  • The Pier Park

After considerable discussion, the committee agreed that additional technical information from each of the teams is needed.

The next Selection Committee meeting date will be determined and published on the city website and

Posted: 02-20-2015

Online Public Survey

From 7 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 23 to midnight March 6. Choose up to three design concepts, the results will be will used by the Pier Selection Committee for final ranking and selection to Mayor and City Council on March 20.

Public Survey

Posted: 2-13-2015

Presentation Videos

Seven shortlisted design teams presented their concepts to the Pier Selection Committee on February 11 and 12 at The Coliseum. Those presentations are now available in their entirety online.

Watch Now »

Technical Review Thumbnail

Posted: 12-29-2014

Presentations Scheduled

The public is invited as the seven shortlisted design teams for the new city Pier present their concepts to the Pier Selection Committee on February 11 and 12 at The Coliseum. Each team will have fifty minutes to make their presentation followed by a question and answer session by the Selection Committee. The public will have the opportunity to make comments at the close of each day’s presentations.

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Posted: 1-16-2015

Technical Review Complete

The technical review report will be provided to the Pier Selection Committee who will use the findings to assist them with developing the short list of Design Teams and ranking for their recommendation to the Mayor and City Council.

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Posted: 12-15-2014

Concepts Received

The city has received 8 preliminarily design concepts from the teams. Each team received a $30,000 stipend to submit initial design concepts, complete with reports, renderings, cost estimates and a description of how the programmatic elements meet the findings of the Pier Working Group.

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